The word hypnosis sometimes conjures up an image of a swinging watch, a spooky voice commanding “You are getting sleeeeeeepy,”or people in a nightclub uncontrollably barking like a dog or squawking like a chicken.  While stage hypnosis (hypnosis for entertainment purposes) certainly has its place, certified hypnotherapist Dr. Nancy Irwin practices a completely different style of hypnosis, Therapeutic Hypnosis, to help people effect positive changes in their lives. Imagine giving up smoking after 30 years in just two hours…easily, effortlessly, and with few or no withdrawal symptoms. Imagine overcoming your sugar addiction, sleeping like a baby every night, improving your golf game, attaining your ideal weight and fitness goals, motivation, confidence, overcoming the fear of public speaking, calmly passing the Bar Exam, and hundreds of other negative habits or limiting beliefs. (101 Ways Hypnosis Helps).

Many people are hesitant to be hypnotized because they fear losing control.  Actually, the opposite is true:  hypnotherapy gives you more control!  Hypnosis accesses your own personal power. The hypnotherapist simply guides you to your power, facilitating the process. A client always has a choice and their free will.   When you leave Dr. Irwin’s office after a smoking cessation session, you will have the self-control to never smoke again.  You could say that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It will never work unless the patient wants the goal.  (Please make sure you choose a certified hypnotherapist. Click on the FAQs page for The Five Myths and Facts about Hypnosis).

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that everyone experiences several times a day.  We bookend our day in trance: it’s that relaxed, “Ahhhh” woozy, “in the zone,” “La La Land” state that you feel when you get in bed, turn out the light, and roll over to go to sleep.  If the phone rings, or someone talks to you, you might be a little incoherent. That’s hypnosis. The word “hypnosis” comes from the Greek word for sleep. Hypnotic trance is simply a state of being in between sleep and wakefulness; a powerful state (like meditation, prayer, massage, etc.) And it’s an extremely powerful state to be in.   It is no accident that for centuries people have prayed right before they go to sleep: they are accessing their subconscious mind, and their true desires begin to manifest, when backed up by the appropriate action steps. You have probably heard of The Law of Attraction, yet while everyone knows what they want, success occurs only when coupled with The Law of Action. One without the other is either magical thinking or wasted energy. Hypnotherapy works to clarify your goals and get you into action to manifest them.

Hypnotherapy does for the mind what massage does for the body.  When you are on a massage table, you trust the massage therapist to treat your body properly.  However, you are still in full control.  At any point during the massage, you could choose to stand up and walk out of the room.  Hypnotherapy works exactly the same way: you trust your hypnotherapist, and allow yourself to be vulnerable for a few minutes to gain an enormous amount of personal power.

It is not “Hypno Magic,” but is a psychoscience that works like magic!